hololive production 5th Anniversary


              With Nishikigoi as our special MC, we look back at hololive production’s amazing journey.
              Cast: Motoaki Tanigo, Tokino Sora, Nishikigoi
              Guests: Shirakami Fubuki, Anya Melfissa, Ninomae Ina’nis, Hakos Baelz, Arurandeisu, Yukoku Roberu, Axel Syrios.


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              hololive production,
              Starting from with
              Tokino Sora’s debut on September 7, 2017,
              Has now reached its 5th anniversary as of
              September 7, 2022.

              To all our loving fans,
              We thank all of you for this wonderful
              5-year journey with us.

              We will continue to deliver exciting content and
              entertainment to our fans.
              Please look forward to it!
              • 2016
              • 2018
              • 2019
              • 2020
              • 2021
              • 2022
              • 2016

                June 13
                COVER Corporation was founded.


                • September 7
                  Tokino Sora made her debut.
                • December 21
                  “hololive (ホロライブ)” application was published.
              • 2018

                • March 4
                  Robocosan made her debut.
                • May 13
                  The debut of hololive 1st Generation.
                • August 8
                  The debut of hololive 2nd Generation.
                • December 7
                  The debut of hololive Gamers.
                • December 25
                  Sakura Miko joined hololive.
              • 2019

                • April 29
                  3D anime series “holo no graffiti” began its streaming.
                • May 19
                  INNK Music was established. AZKi & Hoshimachi Suisei joined INNK Music.
                • May 27
                  HOLOSTARS, the all-male VTuber group, was formed.
                • June 1
                  hololive x atré Akihabara collaboration.
                • June 8
                  The debut of HOLOSTARS 1st Generation.
                July 1
                hololive official fan club -ホロライブ公式ファンクラブ-, a hololive official channel on Niconico, was opened.
                • July 8
                  hololive Summer 2019 was announced.
                • July 17
                  The debut of hololive 3rd Generation.
                August 9
                Participated in Comic Market 96 as a corporate booth.
                • October 6
                  Tokino Sora’s first solo concert “Dream!” was hosted.
                • December 1
                  Hoshimachi Suisei left INNK Music and joined hololive.
                • December 3
                  The smartphone application “hololy” was released.
                • December 7
                  The debut of HOLOSTARS 2nd Generation.
                • December 27
                  The debut of hololive 4th Generation.
              • 2020

                January 24
                hololive 1st fes. “Nonstop Story” was hosted.
                • February 16
                  Aeru! Hanaseru! VTuber Oshaberi Fes on Valentine’s – hololive Part.
                • April 10
                  The debut of hololive Indonesia 1st Generation.
                • April 28
                  The debut of HOLOSTARS 3rd Generation.
                • May 2
                  Virtual event “HOLO COMI” was hosted.
                • May 6
                  “hololive presents VTubers Raving about Faves!” began its streaming.
                • July 11
                  HOLOSTARS 1st-anniversary live stream was streamed.
                • Aug 12
                  The debut of hololive 5th Generation.
                • September 12
                  The debut of hololive English -Myth-
                • December 4
                  The debut of hololive Indonesia 2nd Generation.
                December 21
                “hololive 2nd fes. Beyond the Stage Supported By Bushiroad STAGE1” was hosted.
                December 22
                “hololive 2nd fes. Beyond the Stage Supported By Bushiroad STAGE2” was hosted.
              • 2021

                • February 15
                  hololive official YouTube account reached 1 million subscriber milestone.
                • February 17
                  “hololive IDOL PROJECT 1st live. Bloom,” was hosted.
                February 17
                Alternative world creation project “hololive Alternative” was launched.
                • March 4
                  HOLOSTARS official show “WachaSTARS” began its streaming.
                • April 6
                  hololive Indonesia’s all-star song “id:entity voices” was released.
                • May 28
                  “hololive 1st Generation 3rd Anniversary LIVE from 1st” was hosted.
                • July 11
                  IRyS made her debut as a VSinger of hololive English Project: HOPE.
                • August 1
                  Horror project “hololive ERROR” was launched.
                • August 22
                  The debut of hololive English
                September 6
                hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP
                was opened.
                • November 26
                  The debut of Secret Society holoX.
                • December 1
                  hololive production’s Indonesian official online store was launched.
                December 26
                “HOLOSTARS 1st ACT JOURNEY to
                FIND STARS!!” was hosted.
              • 2022

                • January 28
                  HOLOSTARS’s 3D anime series “stars*collection” began its streaming.
                • February 20
                  “hololive Valentine 2022
                  Meet & Greet!” was hosted.
                March 19
                “hololive SUPER EXPO 2022 / hololive 3rd fes. Link Your Wish DAY1” was hosted.
                March 20
                “hololive SUPER EXPO 2022 / hololive 3rd fes. Link Your Wish DAY2” was hosted.
                • March 25
                  The debut of hololive Indonesia 3rd Generation.
                • March 29
                  The debut of UPROAR!!
                • April 1
                  AZKi left INNK Music and joined hololive.
                • May 18
                  Gawr Gura and Hakos Baelz made their guest appearances at Anime Central.
                • May 27
                  Kureiji Ollie, Pavolia Reine, Ceres Fauna, and Ouro Kronii made their guest appearances at Anime Boston.
                • June 4
                  Takanashi Kiara and IRyS made their guest appearances at DoKomi.
                • June 26
                  HOLOSTARS 3rd-anniversary event “HOLOSTARS 3RISE SUPER FAN MEETING ~FLAGSHIP~” was hosted.
                July 12
                Participated in Anime Expo 2022 as
                COVER booth.
                • July 16
                  Tsukumo Sana and Hakos Baelz made their guest appearances at SMASH! 2022.
                • July 23
                  The debut of HOLOSTARS English
                • July 29
                  IRyS and Ouro Kronii made their guest appearances at Anime Revolution.
                • July 30
                  hololive Summer 2022 was announced.
                • Aug 5-7
                  Participated in Crunchyroll Expo 2022 hosted in San Jose, California.
                • Aug 13-14
                  Participated in Comic Market 100 as hololive production.
                • Aug 15
                  hololive production was advertised at Senayan MRT Station, Indonesia.
                Aug 22
                hololive production’s first ondo, “hololive ondo” was released.
                • Aug 31
                  “Climax Story Live”, a free music concert was hosted.
                • Sept 7
                  5th Anniversary Special Live Stream “Tokino Journey” was streamed.
                • Sept 16-20
                  hololive ID 1st Generation’s 3D showcase relay was streamed.
                • Sept 17-18
                  Participated in KYOTO INTERNATIONAL MANGA ANIME FAIR 2022 as hololive production.
                • Sept 30
                  Donated to Public Interest Incorporated Foundation “Nihon AED Zaidan”.